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JUL 2015

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6 Many of us in the nail world have been dealing with a firestorm of controversy after The New York Times published an exposé about labor exploitation in New York City nail salons. If you weren't blessed with the ability to do your own nails, then the choice of whose hands you put your trust (and dollars) in is an important one. You can still indulge in fabulous nail art without feeling guilty, so long as you remain vigilant and aren't afraid to ask the following at your next nail appointment: 1. Where's the license? You should be able to see these in plain view. 2. Is the salon clean? Look around and make sure the workstation, towels, and tools look sanitary. 3. What's the cost? Low prices don't necessarily equal a low-quality salon. Don't be afraid to ask for a price breakdown and remember that you can always tip well for outstanding service. 4. Is there proper ventilation? Some odor is normal and protective gear alone isn't an indicator of dangerous products. If odors are too overwhelming it can be a sign of lack of ventilation, which is a concern. For more consumer guidelines, click here . Learn how to choose a quality salon by clicking here . Remember, nice nails don't have to come at the expense of your health or someone else's well-being. Let's protect the rights of those who work so hard to make us look so good. notes Forget red and white, my orange and blue nails by Sherri Traweek of MN8 Salon and Day Spa in Lake Forest, Calif., are perfect for summer. Pretty Smart

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