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JUL 2014

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6 For an editorial meeting we were asked to share one recommendation. In a world where people over-share all the time, this should be a simple task. But as usual, I have been over-thinking and am having trouble narrowing down my list to the best, most useful recommendation. Since I can only share one thing with my colleagues, I thought I would share a longer list of recommendations here. 1. Work as a public servant or volunteer for a bit. It will humble you. 2. Read one thing not work-related a day. This could be a verse, a blog post, or a news story (Buzzfeed quizzes don't count). 3. Immediately look up words you don't know. This instantly makes you smarter. (I use the Dictionary app.) 4. Write something down the minute you think of it. Trust me, you will forget otherwise. 5. Keep a to do list. They can be intimidating, but if you don't cross items off, you will feel like you're not getting anything done. While I love sharing all sorts of nail art, links, and photos via social media, it can be daunting to have to edit myself. Sometimes I get this way with my nails too. I have a million ideas (from social media) and I struggle to execute a clear-cut design on my own nails. This is why I am forever grateful to nail techs like Akina Kono at Two Brown Eyed Girls in Los Angeles. I came to her loving half-moons and negative space, and she not only included these designs but threw in other summer trends like geometric and neon. While I thought I wanted just one design on every nail, she made each one stand out in a different, yet cohesive way. I would definitely recommend visiting a salon and a nail artist you trust to turn your flurry of ideas into a design worth over-sharing. notes just one thing

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